Tai Chi Easy™ is derived from the 108 traditional moves in Tai Chi; it is accessible and of immediate benefit. 

Tai Chi Easy™ consists of several easily learned elements, including self-applied massage, intentional breathing, meditation and flowing movements.

According to scientists and philosophers of ancient China, underlying everything in existence is a primary force that creates and sustains life. It is called Qi ("chee"). Qigong is the art of cultivating this life force. 


By practicing Tai Chi Easy™ on a regular basis, you can expect a lower heart rate, better balance, strengthened immune function and deeper sleep patterns. 


Tai Chi Easy™ is a practice combining mind, body and spirit; it can reduce your stress. The focus is on movement and breathing, which creates a state of relaxation and calm. 


The movements place minimal stress on joints and muscles; they are also low impact and can be especially beneficial if you are suffering from arthritis or are recovering from an injury.